Marine Audio and Bluetooth

1st Mobile Install with the New Full Blown Automotive Center Bus. 6 Polk Audio Marine 6.5"s, 1 10" Polk SUB, Custom Conversion Plate for New Bluetooth Puck(old remote was there), 6 Channel 1200watt Amp.

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FullBlown Automotive Service

High End Client, On the Way To A Classic Car Auction to Buy His Next project for us to Build.(Gonna Push for Camaro, But He's Hunting GTO) but 1st, Crab @ High Tide Harry's

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238,000 miles later

238,000 miles later, Only Mechanical Part I've ever changed on The Engine or Transmission in my 04' General Motors (Chevrolet/Cadillac) SUV. #sDontLie #LoveMyGM

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