Custom Stereo Installation

Don’t just dream about that state-of-the-art stereo system, come into Full Blown Automotive & Audio and let us show what the new advances in audio technology can do for your ride. We offer audio solutions for everyone that can fit any budget and any lifestyle.

  • fullblownautomotive_0033_1

    Hyundai Veloster Black, Door Speaker

  • fullblownautomotive_0000_30

    Behind Seat Truck Subwoofers

  • fullblownautomotive_0001_29

    Chevrolet S-10 Gray, Custom Interior, Hydraulic Switches, Single Din Stereo

  • fullblownautomotive_0002_28

    Custom Door Panels, Custom Subwoofer Box, Custom Console

  • fullblownautomotive_0011_19

    Custom Subwoofer Box Fabrication

  • fullblownautomotive_0006_24

    Custom Subwoofer Box

  • fullblownautomotive_0004_26

    Overhead Mounted Truck Rear Video Monitor

  • fullblownautomotive_0005_25

    Door Panel Custom Speaker Moulding Fabrication

  • fullblownautomotive_0007_23

    Custom Trunk

  • fullblownautomotive_0008_22

    Subwoofer Trunk Box

  • fullblownautomotive_0009_21

    Custom Dash

  • fullblownautomotive_0010_20

    Custom Trunk Subwoofers, Amplifier Window, Isolated Battery

  • fullblownautomotive_0012_18

    Head Unit Monitor, Visor Monitor, Headrest Monitor, Overhead Monitor

  • fullblownautomotive_0013_17

    Marine 10" Subwoofer and Amplifiers

  • fullblownautomotive_0014_16

    Marine Overhead Bar 2x8" and 2x10" Subwoofers, and Tweeters

  • fullblownautomotive_0015_15

    Custom Door Panel Speaker Moldings Front and Rear

  • fullblownautomotive_0031_1

    Chevrolet Trailblazer Custom Windowed Subwoofer Box Fabrication

  • fullblownautomotive_0016_14

    Chevrolet Trailblazer Custom Windowed Subwoofer Box, Amplifiers, and Isolated Batteries

  • fullblownautomotive_0018_12

    Rear Seat Mounted Custom 10" Subwoofer Box

  • fullblownautomotive_0019_11

    Truck Behind Seat Custom Subwoofer Box and Amplifier

  • fullblownautomotive_0020_10

    Custom Trunk Subwoofer Box Fabrication

  • fullblownautomotive_0023_7

    Custom Trunk Subwoofer Box Fabrication, Fiberglass and Paint

  • fullblownautomotive_0021_9

    Dash Mounted Hidden Video Monitor, Single Din Stereo Head

  • fullblownautomotive_0022_8

    Under Seat Truck Subwoofer Box

  • fullblownautomotive_0024_6

    Console Mounted Stereo Head Unit

  • fullblownautomotive_0025_5

    Car Overhead Mounted Video Monitor

  • fullblownautomotive_0026_4

    Custom Console with Stereo Head Unit and 2x6.5" Coaxial Speakers

  • fullblownautomotive_0028_2

    Competition Grade Interior Audio Wall

  • fullblownautomotive_0029_1

    Competition Grade Custom Audio Door Panels

  • fullblownautomotive_0030_1

    Nissan 350 Z Custom Hatch Dual 12" Subwoofer Box

  • stereo-cover

    Pontiac Grand Prix Custom Subwoofer Box, 4x12" Subwoofers, Amplifiers

  • Lincoln Cust Trunk

    1966 Lincoln Continental Custom Trunk Subwoofer Box

  • murdertrunk3

    1966 Lincoln Continental Custom Trunk Fabrication, AirRide Pumps and Tank, Isolated Battery

  • murdertrunk1

    1966 Lincoln Continental Custom Trunk Subwoofer Box, 2x12" Subwoofers, Illuminated AirRide Pocket

  • murdertrunk2

    1966 Lincoln Continental Custom Trunk Subwoofer Box, 2x12" Subwoofers, Illuminated AirRide Pocket

  • audiosub

    Custom 2x15" LED Illuminated Subwoofer Box and Amplifiers

  • custdoor1

    Toyota Tacoma Custom Door Speaker Moulding

  • custsub

    Custom Floor Cargo Compartment Subwoofer Box

  • custsub1

    Custom Floor Cargo Compartment Box Hidden Under Rear Seat

  • custtrunk1

    Classic Custom Trunk Subwoofers and Spare Tire

  • tr6audio

    Triumph TR6 Inside Kick Panels Polk Audio 6.5" Coaxial Retrosound Head, Bass Knob, and Mic

  • custbox

    Custom Subwoofer Box w/LED and Mirror

  • custdoor2

    Custom Door Speaker Moulding Dual 6.5" Coaxial

  • decklid

    Custom Decklid Moulding 4x 6.5" Coaxial

  • madtrunk

    Custom Competition Trunk 12 Speakers Floating Amplifier Mount

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