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Mobile Lighting

The automotive aftermarket is loaded with interior and exterior lighting upgrades and add-ons for your car, truck, SUV. Full Blown Automotive's highly skilled low voltage technicians are experts in the latest lighting technologies available from underglows and rock lights to LED headlamps and puddle lamps

Interior Lighting

Most passenger vehicles today are still equipped with traditional halogen lamps for interior lighting. However, cheaper, long lasting LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are flooding the marketplace. LED lights can come in standard colors or multi-color. They often have remote controls for dynamic lighting effects. LED lights can be used to replace traditional halogen bulbs such as the dome light or can be added under the dash or seats to enhance the vehicle's interior environment. The versatility of LEDs allows for numerous OE (Original Equipment) replacement, OE upgrade, or custom applications.

EL wire (Electroluminecsent wire) is not as common as LED lighting accessories, but can be used in unique custom lighting applications. EL wire is a continuous copper wire that is coated in a phosphorous based chemical lining. When an alternating current is applied the phosphor coating illuminates. EL wire is available in nearly any color and the flexibility of the wire allows it to be used for custom shapes and sizes. EL wire can also be wired through electronic control modules for dynamic lighting effects similar to LED lighting applications. The installation of EL wire for automotive purposes requires a power inverter to convert the 12 volt, direct current electrical system to alternating current.

Similar in function to EL wire, EL tape and panels are also available that can be cut to any desired shape for custom illuminated interior panels such as dash pads, door panels, headliners, and rear deck lids. Fiber optic cable which transmits light can also be used in fabricating custom interior lighting applications. Fiber optic lighting systems are operated via aftermarket stereo head units with video output capability. Fiber optics are most commonly used for dynamic headliners.

Exterior Lighting

There are numerous options available to upgrade the headlamps on any make and model vehicle. Over time factory headlamps tend to haze and eventually require replacement. Many replacements now come available with LED DRLs (Daytime Running Lights) even on older vehicles. Traditional halogen headlamp bulbs, fog lights, tail lights, and side marker bulbs can also, easily and cheaply, be upgraded to LEDs.

LED technology is also applied to under glow lighting strips and/or rock lights. Under glow lights are continuous LED strips that run in nearly any length desired and illuminate the underbody of the car or truck. Rock lights are smaller pods of LED lamps that are fitted in the wheel wells, usually on trucks, to illuminate the wheels. Both rock lights and under glows can be connected to remote operated control modules for dynamic lighting effects, colors, and even sound activated effects.

One of the fastest trending exterior lighting applications is LED and EL wire for boats and boat trailers. LED wire fitted to boat trailer frames not only enhance the look of the boat and trailer, but they also increase safety in traffic by increasing visibility. Both LEDs and EL wire can be installed on boats similar to car and truck interiors. Traditional marine lighting can also be upgraded with marine grade LEDs for better function, less battery use, and longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

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