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Mobile Audio

Tired of your worn out factory sound system? Let the qualified audio specialists at Full Blown give you clear, crisp sound with the latest in automotive entertainment tech! We only install top-quality parts and accessories from the best aftermarket brands.

Head unit

Head Unit The head unit, or stereo head, is the center of the audio system and the origin point for the sound sources equipped in the vehicle. The head unit provides AM/FM signals, Sirius/XM satellite signals, Bluetooth, CD, digital media, and Iphone or Android integration. Head units are available in different sizes and functionality depending on the vehicle and what features the customer wants. Head unit sizes are determined by the DIN (Duetch Industri Normen) which is the standardized stereo head size established by German automakers in the 1980s. A single DIN is 2"x8", while a double DIN is 4"x8". Automobiles built from the 1980s to early 2000s typically only had single DIN, while more modern vehicles feature double DIN stereos. Modern head units range in style from simple LED displays to full touch screens. Some vehicles are now coming equipped with standalone infotainment screens or full size tablet displays such as Tesla. Modern, aftermarket head-units and infotainment displays come loaded with many customizable features such as: built-in navigation, vehicle information and performance, vehicle maintenance remiders, and camera integration.


Amplifiers are either built into the stereo head unit, typically on factory stereos, or are an entirely seperate component of the audio system. Premium factory stereo systems such as Bose or Rockford Fosgate have stand-alone amplifiers, but they typically lack the output and customizable tuning that is available with aftermarket amplifiers. Basically, the amplifier takes a low-level input signal from the head-unit and amplifies the signal before being sent to the speakers. Most amplifers also use an internal electronic component called a crossover to split certain frequencies (full, low, mid, or high) from the input signal before being sent to specialized speakers. Aftermarket amplifiers are capable of delivering more power, more precisely for greater volume and clarity of the overall audio system. Amplifiers have multiple channels from single channel for subwoofers to several channels capable of driving entire sound systems. Aftermarket amplifiers also feature controls for fine tuning the audio experience for specific vehicle audio system setups.


Car audio speakers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and performance specifications to meet both factory and aftermarket audio system demands. The most common type of speakers are designed for a full range of frequency output and are known as coaxial speakers. Coaxial speakers have a woofer as the main speaker cone with a very small speaker on top of or in the center of the cone known as a tweeter. The woofer is optimized to play low frequency sounds while the tweeter is designed for high frequency sounds. Most modern factory systems will use coaxial speakers in the rear of the vehicle. Typically, the front door speakers are actually component set speakers. Component sets use a woofer and a tweeter seperated from one another with the audio signal being split between them by a crossover in the amplifier or a standalone crossover installed in the door or dash. Subwoofer speakers exist for one purpose, bass. Subwoofers are large speakers powered independently through dedicated channels on the amplifier. Factory subwoofers are typically smaller and have less power and clarity than aftermarket subwoofers. More speakers and larger woofers require larger amounts of energy to power them properly.

Additional Components

For custom, aftermarket, complex, and/or high-powered audio systems additional components are required. Trim bezels are required for aftermarket head units to fit perfectly in the vehicle dash. Wiring harnesses are required to adapt the factory wiring to the aftermarket head unit. Some vehicle models, specifically imports, require antenna adapters. Aftermarket amplifiers require RCA cables to connect to the head unit, and they require thick guage wiring to deliver power from the vehicle battery. More complex, high-power systems may require the installation of additional batteries, relays/isolators, sound processors, noise filters, bass blockers, or additional power grounding straps.

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