Fleet Fluids, Filters, and Maintenance

Does your fleet vehicles need an oil change, air filter replacement, tires rotated? The answer is yes! All automobiles require regular maintenance to keep running smooth and save on costly future repairs. Trust in Full Blown's certified mechanics to keep your fleet in tip-top shape. We are Hertz, Enterprise, and CarFax certified and we specialize in D.O.T. certification and inspection.

Regular maintenance and inspection of vehicle components is necessary to keep the vehicle running smooth for many years and many miles. Most auto manufacturers follow a 30k-60k-90k maintenance schedule, however, some vehicles may require maintenance and inspection of certain parts at more specific mileage or time intervals. The vehicle's owner's manual can be checked for a full schedule of maintenance requirements. D.O.T. regulated vehicles require regular inspection and maintenance as dictated by D.O.T. depending on the vehicle's usage.

Many common maintenance services are required for all light passenger vehicles, and during each service an inspection should be performed for other maintenance or safety issues that may need attention. Oil changes are necessary every 3,000-10,000 miles depending on the vehicle and type of oil required. Oil and oil filter replacement keep engine parts clean and lubricated extending the life of the engine. Tires should be rotated at each oil change as well to ensure that the tires wear evenly. The engine air filter should also be checked and replaced regularly. A dirty air filter reduces airflow to the engine and reduces fuel economy. The cabin air filter prevents circulation of dust and allergens in the air conditioning system while a dirty filter reduces a/c performance and strains the blower motor. Serpentine belts should also be inspected for wear and replaced regularly as they are critical to electrical, power steering, cooling, and air conditioner function.

Many other maintenance services are performed at greater intervals. Radiator and engine cooling systems require regular cleaning flushes to keep the motor cool. Cooling system hoses and vacuum hoses should be checked for cracking and splitting to prevent leaks. Transmissions need to be fluid checked and replaced regularly dependent on transmission type and vehicle model. Automatic transmission filters will eventually require replacement to maintain proper transmission function while manual transmissions may need shift linkage adjustment as well as fluid exchange. Brakes should regularly be inspected and pads changed. As brake pads wear, brake efficiency is reduced and stopping distance increased. Worn brake pads can lead to damage to the brake rotors or calipers which drastically increase repair costs. Brake hoses should be inspected for damage and replaced prior to leaks occurring.

Some vehicle maintenance services are performed at much greater intervals and are often delayed or forgotten all together. Lubrication of chassis components is often ignored by vehicle owners. While not required as often in modern vehicles, chassis and suspension components should be inspected and lubricated to extend the service life of components. Wheel bearings may require replacement per manufacturer guidelines. Properly maintained wheel bearings help to maintain fuel efficiency over the life of the vehicle. 4x4s and rear-wheel drive vehicles will require transfer case and/or differential services to maintain proper function and is highly recommended as drive train repairs due to poor maintenance can be very expensive.

Full Blown Automotive Center stocks fluids, filters, and parts to perform all vehicle make and model maintenance requirements. Whether your fleet vehicles have 10,000 miles or 150,000 miles; trust our expert, certified technicians to perform maintenance inspection, D.O.T. inspection, and scheduled services on your fleet vehicles today!

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