Fleet Electrical System

Modern automobiles are loaded with electronics and complex electrical systems. Whether you have an indicator light or simply a burned out light bulb, trust the certified technicians at Full Blown Automotive Center to diagnose and repair your fleet vehicles' electrical and electronic components. We are Hertz, Enterprise, and CarFax certified, and we specialize in D.O.T. certification and inspection.

Batteries and Alternators

A vehicle's electrical system is a highly complex system. Starting the engine requires a battery in good condition with the cranking amps required to engage the starter motor. Most automotive batteries last 2-5 years depending on the battery grade. As the battery weakens, it is no longer capable of supplying enough amperage to start the vehicle. Each vehicle make and model requires a specific size and type of battery to function correctly. Corroded or dirty battery terminals can also reduce the effectiveness of the battery. Commonly, loose battery terminals can manifest numerous electrical issues.

The battery is recharged by the alternator. The alternator is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy form the serpentine belt on the engine to electrical energy in the form of alternating current. The alternator charges the battery, supplies voltage for the ignition to spark plugs, and supplies all the electricity for all other electrical components. A weak or inoperable alternator will prevent the vehicle from running properly if at all. Specialized diagnostic equipment is required to test the proper function of both batteries and alternators.

Electronic Control Modules

Modern automobiles have several electronic control modules that collect data from various systems and control the engine, transmission, and other components. The ECU (Electrolnic Control Unit) is the central computer that controls engine performance as well as other systems. The TCM (Transmission Control Module) controls the transmission performance. The ABS (Anti-lock Braking Systems) controls brakes, ESC (Electronic Stability Control), and the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The BCM (Body Control Module) controls multiple vehicle components such as lighting, door locks, and air conditioning.

Any issues with the electronic control modules can manifest a wide range of symptoms depending on which module or sensor may have a fault. A faulty sensor in the data network can cause other sensors or modules to malfunction. Diagnosis of vehicle problems can be difficult and requires specialized diagnostic tools to properly identify mechanical or electrical problems.

Lighting and Accessories

Today's cars, trucks, and SUVs come fully equipped with dozens of lighting circuits, 12v power sockets, USB ports, cameras, and infotainment systems. LED lighting technology is overtaking the automotive market. LEDs are cheap and efficient, and they can be applied to everything from headlamps and brake lights to dome lights and indicator lights. Traditional halogen lights are still available for older vehicles. Halogen bulbs are not as reliable as LEDs and can easily be upgraded to LEDs.

While not necessary, inoperable accessories like power sockets or USB ports can certainly be annoying in our fast-paced, technology driven world. Often issues with electrical accessories are due to a blown fuse or loose wiring connections, but they can be time-consuming to identify. Issues with cameras or infotainment systems can also be difficult to diagnose, and they often require replacement of electronic components rather than repair.

Full Blown Automotive Center has the skilled technicians, advanced electrical diagnosis equipment, and access to the best parts (original equipment or aftermarket). We have the knowledge, tools, and parts to properly service your fleet's cars, trucks, SUVs, and buses complex electrical systems. If your fleet vehicles have an electrical problem, trust the experts at Full Blown Automotive to diagnose and repair your fleet today.

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